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Minimum system requirements - Windows: Windows XP / Windows Vista / Windows 7 / Windows 8, 1.8 GHz Processor, 512MB RAM, 3D graphics card compatible with DirectX 9.0c , DirectX 9.0c-compatible soundcard, 100 MB HDD, Mouse, Keyboard. about: Smugglers 5: Invasion starts where the original game ended. After years of civil war, the Federation finally emerged victorious, crushing all rebellion. The galaxy looked forward to a period of peace, a chance to repair the damage of a long and bitter war. Then came the Jalkath, a new alien race looking much like the tigers of Old Earth. Their attacks were swift and brutal and they subjugated entire systems before the Federation even knew what was happening.

To the humans, they looked much like the tigers of Old Earth, and they soon proved themselves to be every bit as cunning and dangerous. The newcomers were swift and brutal in their assault, deploying terrifying weapons and subjugating entire systems before their victims even knew what was happening. The Federation has rallied a defence against the invaders, and now both sides struggle for dominance.
War has returned to the galaxy. For the right kind of captain, it’s a whole new chance for fame and fortune. Will you fight for the survival of your race? Trade and smuggle goods to make your fortune? Or play both sides against each other for your own profit?

   Explore a dynamic universe by trading, fighting, managing a crew and factories, boarding ships and plundering planets. You can even rule your own star empire.
   A new, playable alien race (the Jalkath) with new skills and professions.
   Carriers added to the game with unique abilities – launch bombers, interceptors and escort vessels.
   Six new alien star systems, new exploration stories, 10 new alien ships ranging from
   fighters to capital ships.


about: This DLC is a compilation of background stories for the stand-alone expansion of the indie game"Smugglers 5: Invasion" and is named after the first of three background stories (mini-quests). Upon installation, the player can choose to play as a Jalkath warrior in one of the first two short but dynamic and multiple-pathed background stories, which will lead the player through the game. A third story is included, adding a short preview of the upcoming "Aftermath" spin-off storyline. While the Aftermath preview story can be played as a member of the Federation faction, the two background stories are exclusively for the new Jalkath faction. The first story, "Warrior Within", sees you starting as a young warrior cadet. In the final challenge of your training, your ship is ordered to fight to the death against one of your fellow cadets. Your opponent's engines were crippled, you had the upper hand... and you hesitated. You asked the forbidden question - why? The shame of your defeat makes you an outcast, on a journey to discover the foremost principles of Jalkath mythology - the "way of the warrior" - and ultimately play a decisive role in a coup. The second story, "The Golden Claw", is about the legendary holy talisman of the First Warrior. A gift from the Warrior Gods, it is said to bestow great courage and good fortune on the one who wields it. In your quest to find the "Golden Claw" you will be challenged to question the beliefs of your people and will finally have the chance to unite the Jalkath under the new and only true emperor - yourself. In the third story, "Aftermath preview", which is started automatically, you will receive a playable mini-quest ("First Contact" ), a sneak preview of what to expect in the future storyline of the Smugglers universe. This mini-story was also available as a separate DLC for those who bought direct from the developer´s website.

   Dynamic and multiple-pathed background stories
   Includes the story "Warrior Within"
   Includes the story "The Golden Claw"
   Includes the story / mini-quest "Aftermath preview"

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